KEC Global Limited

Only the best.

KEC Global brings you Luxury Watches and Jewelry, produced by Swiss Artisans, each piece a statement designed to stand the test of time.

KEC GLOBAL LIMITED serves as the international distribution hub for our products, which are sold in over 100 countries globally.

Our premium Watches are made in Switzerland, hand crafted by experienced Artisans.


Each piece of jewelery we make is designed by our craftsmen, and made with authentic gemstones, silver, and gold


We offer wholesaler membership for businesses interested in reselling our products. To register your interest, please contact us using the contact form below.


We offer premium jewelery and watches, produced in Switzerland and available to the Asian market.


Handmade Swiss watches precision crafted by master craftsmen.

We offer premium ranges of both Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ watches.


Our beautifully designed pieces feature 18K gold, silver, and naturally sourced or laboratory-made gemstones.

With our diverse range, there are elegant pieces that suits the taste of every lady.

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